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Holy shit! New Upheaval uploaded at

But you'd know that, since you follow me on twitter, right?

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Upheaval's back up....

now back to mucking things up
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Upheaval is down. Which is kind of funny, since I finally got the coding for the website to start working right. :P
Looks like Comicdish is doing some updating and changing some formating, I think.

Hopefully it should be up soon.

If anyone cares, you stay updated via twitter ransom_U_Nash
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You'd think I'd remember something as simple as the fact that I don't know shit about html.
Shouldn't that be something that I wouldn't NEED to remember? You'd think that it would just
be common sense. I'd get a wild hair up my ass and decide to make a change or two to my site,
then stop myself before beginning because, Hey! I know shit about it!

I know exactly what I want it to do.... I've seen others do it, but apparently I'd be better
off banging the keyboard with my ass...

Now I'm reduced to poking at it with a stick like a drunken orangutan, in hopes that by some
off-handed miracle, I accidentally stick the right bit of code in to get it to do what I want.

Sure, I should get on one of the ten thousand websites that teach you how to write html
properly, but each time I look at one for some help, my eyes roll into the back of my head
and I start foaming at the mouth.
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( Before we start, yes, I see the irony of bitching about someone who was bitching online, in an online journal, smart-ass. )

     No one hates whining toddlers more than me. I also hate plane rides too. And just to finish off the trifecta, I am never pleased with whiny toddlers on a plane. But would I -like a douche- tweet about how tortured my life is because somebody brought their toddler onto the same flight as me? No, I would accept it as fate, for it is already decided.

jeph jacques ‏ @jephjacques writes;
"Not only is there a fucking wailing toddler on board it's in the goddamn front of the plane. Assholes."

    I'm sorry, but you just look like a douche now, Jeph. And your lady friend doesn't look much better either, basically stating that parents are "dragging" their "poor child" onto the flight, then saying the parents should go fuck themselves and that they are bad parents because they brought their child with them. Now she just looks like a bitch.

    Okay, now hold on... I don't need a bunch of Questionable content fanphreaks getting all indie on me.
(You'd think I'd insulted their impossibly tight, "vintage" jeans they just payed $150 for or some unheard of post-pnumatic quasi-polystyrene aquatic/acoustic band that I'm "just too mainstream" to get.)
I am NOT calling Jeph a douche or Cristi a bitch. What I'm saying is that sort of behavior makes them LOOK like one. (Which I am quite certain they are not. I have not met them, but from what I have seen and read so far, they both seem like lovely people.)

(See everyone forgets why I'm here. It's not to piss people off or offend... it's to INFORM.)

What I am saying is; -TIMING-

    Timing is everything my friends. You see it is inevitable, one day -possibly more- that any one of us will get onto a plane and there will be a toddler, a baby or a young child crying. That is life and we will all have that feeling of wanting to suck-start a pistol mid flight, or storm the cock pit in the off chances there might be an Air Marshal on that flight that will put a merciful bullet in the back of your head to end the misery. BUT what we do is grit our teeth, roll our eyes, imbibe alcohol, listen to our headphones, etc. In other words, drown it out and deal with it.

    Because here's the deal folks; no one is going to kick the kid and its parents off the plane just because some bitches about it. Constantly pointing it out and being angry about it for your entire flight is only going to cause you to focus on that child for the entire flight. YOU ARE ONLY HURTING YOURSELF. (and looking like an ass at the same time) You are all on the plane. The doors are closed. You're in the air. It's done. For right now all you can do is deal with it. Now if I'm in that situation, I find something else to focus on. I will do everything short of chewing off my own tongue to ensure that my focus is elsewhere. It's a long flight my friend. Why make it unbearable? -And believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I've been on planes with infants, toddlers, young under-supervised children, foul smelling old french dudes, a couple of mentally handicapped teens fighting over who got to wear the empty pudding container, (swear to god) and one time on a train for 4 hours with the New Zealand pole vaulting team who had INTENSELY bad gas for the entire trip.

    But do you know when I ranted about them? After the trip. That's what it's for. That's where stories come from. You see, when you complain about something as it is happening and there is nothing that complaining will do about it, then you are bitching. When you talk about it afterward to people, then you are telling a story. Nobody likes a bitch. Almost everyone loves a story.

So I guess what I'm saying is something like this; Be careful, because it's awful easy to look like a bitch, a douche or a cunt by complaining.

Here's a simple way to gauge what you will look like, before you complain:
1. Has it already happened?
2. Can you do anything about it?
3. Will complaining about it fix anything?

-If you answered "no" to question 1, be careful! It could go either way.
-If you answered "no" to question 1 and any or both of the other two, then STOP! If you choose to complain now, you will look like an ass-bag!
-If you answered "yes" to question 1, then you're in the clear! Congratulations, you have the beginning of what could be a great story!!

    So, did my bitching about this do anything? Eh, probably not. Sure, I hope that it would inform someone and cause them to look a little inward to themselves, but that's just being hopeful. Plus, what I am complaining about has already happened, so according to my chart, I'm in the clear. Will it fix anything? Yes and no. While I doubt my rant will do anything for anyone else, it was -hopefully- somewhat entertaining, and it helped me to find something to write about for my facepage today. So, other than looking a little like a dick, I think I've accomplished something this evening. :P
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While I make fun of the fact that I have had only 6000 hits in 4 years, I do want all my watchers and visitors know that I am greatly appreciative and I love you all!!

:milk: >violent crotch thrusts< :cookie:

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Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka, Kwanzaa, whatever it is you do!

Jeff loves you all! :D
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I hate to do it, but I am giving in; none of it is working out how I hoped it would, so here I am begging-

(Getting on his knees)…

Or you can also find the button if you go to my comic, Upheaval Please, help a nerd out. I'm about $150 dollars away from a refurbished computer. I'm accepting commissions, hand outs or whatever. No one in the area is hiring for short term work and I'm at a loss. Anything helps. Thank you
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***sorry for delay. computer fried, making money with second job till i can afford new computer***
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A must have in anyone's personal music collection, is the soundtrack to Pump Up the Volume.
I know, me too. I don't normally insist on soundtracks. Hell, I usually advise steering clear alltogether, just like "greatest hits" albums. But this is a great listen and has been one of my top 20 favorite albums for the past 15 years. That's staying power, bitch.  

Other good soundtracks of note;
Grosse Point Blank (Great if have any love for some of the more obscure 80s music)
and High Fidelity (straight up, just good music)

Now, I have more sculptures to finish, two commissions and your mom won't stop calling, so I'll catch you guys later.
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I am that which women fly from death...
scratch that. I'm broke.
But my kitty loves me. :D
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Things are getting pissy. Shitty, pissy, poopy.
Some douchebag dropped something on the Comicdish server. Some sort of hack, I guess. Supposedly it seems to be pretty benign and just tracker type stuff, but nonetheless, it's keeping me from logging in and updating Upheaval. The comicdish Ubermensch are working hard to get it fixed up, so hopefully, soon... soon...

I've been partially laid off, so I'm bustin my ass trying to keep myself afloat. I'm hoping that things will pick up with commissions and sales. We'll see.

Take care,
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... Jeff is a raging cockbite and all around poopyhead.

More news at 11.
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Unggghhh.... so tired. so...drained....
this early/intense spring is just KICKING MY ASS. I've gotten my meds just right to get rid of the pain and the sinus stuff, but the clinics are closed till tuesday and I have no inhalerz
Only capable of short shallow breaths for the last day now, and if I try a deep one, 1 574r7 (0ugh1ng up |) 3 |3 |00|)..... oh w3ll.... L00|< @ my n3w 57uff!!!
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Look at me, I'm dancin' like a monkey!
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<.< so ummm..... yeaaahhh.

Last entry was kind of ... depressing. I went all, Fatty McEmopants on shit. Sorry about that. Just kind of... lonly I guess. Buisy. Stressed. Someone who used to be a part of me is going away from my life, and someone who I care about doesn't talk to me any more. It's no big deal, realy, I was just looking at it wrong. My perspective was askew and I let it get the best of me. Life goes on, right? I'll meet other people and maybe they won't be like that. Maybe I won't screw things up. There's always a chance that things could get better.
I despise TV, but you know what? Heroes is realy effing good. I mean.... Realy good.
you should watch it. You should also look up a band named Belly. They put out two albums. The first, Star, came out around '93. Second, King, came out around '96. They are fantastic. I've been listening to these albums for more than ten years and I've never tired of them. They are... perfect. I met them once too. I walked 12 miles to see them play for 15 minuets in a Tower Records store. It was worth every blister. I swooned.

Go out and do something for someone. They might need it.
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Fuck valentines day. Oh, it was yesterday? good. I missed it.
Just another day to push the weak closer to putting them out of your misery. Remember, it's down the street, not across the road! If ye're gonna do it, do it right f'r christ's sake.

maybe i need a nap
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I honestly have nothing to say again, but as usual, it was realy more a matter of getting sick of the old journal entry. I have been away alot, dealing with much BS in life, which has hampered updates to Upheaval, promised art, promised fanart, promised guest comics, and slowed down my progress on the Forsaken Angel artwork. I feel terrible about it, and I cannot express how sorry I am about my vast absence, but it should clear up soon. I want to thank all of you who have emailed me asking about Upheaval and updating. (I know I said this somewhere else...) It's nice to know that I'm not just doing it to entertain myself. You guys are wonderfull.

I'm trying to ignore the new year. I am denouncing it alltogether. I'm not ready to start anew. not yet. Give me another month and I'll get back to you. New Year's on hold for fatty. I read somehwhere that they've developed a safe drug that will allow you to stay up 72 hours with no side affects or addictions. I NEED that. too bad it may be a few years before they even THINK about distributing it. I need so much more time....
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Yeah. Uhhuh. Hmm yes.

Bla,bla, bla.... stab, stab, stab.

not much to say today, just was tired of looking at the old journal post.  I uploaded stuf... and umm.... I have a cookie.

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